Visiting the girls in Gondar

_LinkEthiopia girls Gondar

During my last family trip to Gondar, I also visited our partner LinkEthiopia as well as the four girls that study with a SponsorHer! scholarship since last year in secondary school.

LinkEthiopia Gondar talking with the girls

It was a great opportunity to exchange with the girls on their experience and learning progress in school. I also exchanged with LinkEthiopia staff on their programs and future support to the girls.

Meselu, Senait, Hamelmal and Yezibalem are all doing great at school. Despite the challenges they faced when making the transition to secondary school, they are all outperforming being among the best students of their class. As they are all visiting the same secondary school, they greatly benefited from their mutual support and met regularly to exchange.

LinkEthiopia also provides them with a space in the form of a Girls Club to meet supported by one of their coordinators.  With the beginning of the summer break, they plan for an enrichment workshop for the girls focusing on leadership and life skills, as well as sanitary and hygiene questions.

The girls themselves have big ambitions and all know already in which university they would like to study. But their short term goal is to work on their English skills during the summer.

A special highlight for Meselu was the encounter during our visit with her sponsor from France. It was a very special moment for both of them that they surely will not forget so soon.

_LinkEthiopia girls Gondar

If you are interested, too, in supporting a girl for the next school year, contact us, or directly donate to support Zenash.