‘I want to show them my way so that they can find theirs’


SponsorHer! scholars about their vacation and their dreams

The last month we have been on vacation. School will only start in September again. I mostly stayed at home and helped my ‘mother’ with the house – cleaning, preparing food, washing dishes. When I have the time, I am writing poems and stories. It makes me happy, when I am writing. Martha-Negash-pictureI am writing stories about my friends and in my poems I am picturing our daily life, our traditions and my feelings. It helps me when I am sad, and gives me a purpose and hope. I am actually not living with my parents. My father married another women, and my mother has left a long time ago. Therefore I live with an aunt. It is not easy not having the care and love of your parents. But the writing helps me.

Later, I would like to become a journalist and write about the Ethiopian society and make our country better known. My dream is to help other girls accessing information. For me the lack of information is the main reason why girls often do not have the same chances as boys. It is difficult for us to find our way. I would like to change this and show others through my articles my way so that they can find theirs.

M., 17

Mekanisa girls coming from school

mekanisahouseGirl walking home in Mekanisa                               Typical house in Mekanisa

I have spent my free time reading books for the next school year. Last year I won a class competition and as prize I got interesting books. I very much like scientific books, and later I would like to become a doctor. But when I am at home, I also help my parents with the household; I wash dishes and take care of my little sister.

Fozia Ali pictureMy biggest fear before the start of Secondary School is transportation to my new school. As the best of my class, I was offered a scholarship to attend a good private school without paying the school fees. When my father heard this, he was so proud of me. But although I am really happy about this opportunity, I am concerned how I will manage to go there by public transport, as the school is far from my house. But I am sure I can make it. I hope this school will help me to fulfill my dream to become a doctor. I would like to help the Ethiopian people to better treat kidney diseases. Some people even have to sell their houses, cars, etc. just to pay for dialysis. I would like to offer them a better treatment.
F., 14

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