Saliya and Meseret

Saliya and Meseret both live in Addis Abeba, Mekanisa. They are 15 and 14 years old. Saliya just started Secondary School in 2015 in Grade 9 and Meseret is currently attending Grade 8 and transitioning to Secondary School in September 2017. They are currently facing lots of challenges to excel at school and to carry on with their education they urgently need your support.

Meseret is 15 years old. She is currently in Grade 8 and will soon transition to secondary school. Due to her difficult family situation, she urgently needs support to be able to continue her school education. Meseret lives with her three smaller sisters and brothers with her grand-mother who struggles to cater for the needs of the full family. Despite these challenges, Meseret works very hard to succeed in school and speaks already good English. Her favorite subjects are History and Amharic.

Is looking for a sponsor 

Saliya is 16 years old and currently in Grade 10, the second year of Secondary School. She is the only child in her family,living with her mother. Her father is not supporting the family anymore. Saliya loves biology and excels in school. Later on she would like to become an actress.

Is looking for a sponsor 

Scholarship Breakdown

 1 Month1 Year
Material (Pens, Excercise Books)€0.85€.10.00
Family Support (Food, Transport, etc)€12.00€145.00
School Inscription€1.00€11.00
Sanitary Kit (Pads, Soap)€0.85€10.00
Future Saving Fund€2.00€24.00
Tutoring and Mentoring€1.70€20.00