First Leadership Training for SponsorHer! Girls

_DSC5517Girl Leadership Training 5

Our first girl leadership training brought together 11 of the SponsorHer! Girls who live in Addis Ababa. During the two day workshop they had the opportunity to work on their learning strategies, their vision and goals for the future as well as on the topic of emotional intelligence. They explored who they are and where they would like to go. In groups, as well as in personal exercises led by two experiences Ethiopian trainers, they focused on questions of self-esteem, dealing with emotions and self-confidence.

Girl Leadership Training 1

Fun group activities

Girl Leadership Training 2

It was amazing to see how the girls very quickly grasped the rather complicated concepts, and applied them to their daily life using in group discussions, creative work and play. The greenery of the training place at the outskirts of Addis helped them to forget for a moment about their sometimes challenging living conditions.

Girl Leadership Training 3

Getting creative …

For most of the girls, it was the first time, they discussed questions concerning their feelings, dreams and ambitions and the first times others listened to them.

The training was definitely great fun and all of them agreed that this was only the start of a journey.

Girl Leadership Training 4